Epic Playdate Weekend!

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai. Click here for information on how to win a trip for four to Los Angeles to attend Hyundai's Epic Playdate Weekend!

Every Mom and Dad has heard of playdates but have you ever considered having a playdate just as a family? Hyundai has and they are celebrating in a big way! On April 27 from 9am-5pm  at the beach in Santa Barbara, California Hyundai is holding an Epic Playdate Weekend that you can win a trip to. Other families and Bloggers such as Dooce, Mighty Girl, Oh Happy Day, Oh Joy, Say Yes To Hoboken, Girls Gone Child (my fav!), BoingBoing, and How To Be A Dad are camping on the beach and hosting workshops for kids. Some of the fun planned so far includes an ice cream sundae bar, paint fight (which sounds completely awesome), a kids’ photography class and a hula-hooping workshop.
 A Mi Pancita reader can enter a sweepstakes to win a trip for four to this very cool weekend. Here are the details:Go to go to http://clvr.li/X4rpgE* for complete details and to enter. You must have a Pinterest account to enter and you must choose Clever Girls Collective when the form asks “How did you hear about us? This is an invite only event so it would be super special if a Mi Pancita reader won!
Even if you win the sweepstakes or don't want to wait until April I encourage you to plan your own playdate as a family and with other families. My family has mini sized or totally over the top playdates consistently and we always feel refreshed and reconnected afterward. There is no shortage of lakes, rivers and creeks in our area so in planning an Epic playdate for my family it would include all sorts of water activities. We would load up our tandem kayaks, plan for serious sunshine and fresh air. We would paddle (err Mr. and I would paddle, kids would enjoy the scenery) someone usually gets wet and we always have an adventure. We would play "I spy" the hawk, fish, pine cone (still fun with two toddlers) until our tummies started to grumble. Dads clad in toddler sized floaters would jump from rope swings into the clear water and we'd hold up score cards for the best belly flop. Later a bonfire with sparklers and toasted marshmallows and palomitas! We would search for Ursa Major amongst the star strewn sky. And finally a lantern lit walk back where the excitement of the day ignites our imagination with the slightest rustling of leaves. The playdate would include getting dirty, some sort of physical activity, lots of laughing as a family and would be most definitely epic.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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