Wind & Rain

The wind pushes the leaves and rain past my window. The oversized wind chimes sound softly even with big gusts of wind outside the window. I've missed the wind and rain, the cold and leaves. The way I feel so refreshed and energized by it. My Mother tells me how it stormed the night I was born every year on my birthday. Each time she tells it I smile. Today it is rainy and cold. A mild stormy winter day for the region. Today is my birthday. As I wrap myself up in one of my mothers ill fitting coats to shop for Thanksgiving dinner I'm reminded of one of my favorite movies, Home For The Holidays. It's a funny, realistic look at what Thanksgiving is really like for a lot of people. There's a break in the rain and the birds immediately start singing. There songs are clearly heard through the closed windows and walls. My toes cold inside my boots I wiggle them just a bit to warm them. A dialogue starts in my head, me telling Joaquin and Stella about the days they entered the world. What beautiful days they where because they had arrived.
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