The days have been long and productive. S & J have been total champs by playing and staying busy while we remodel the house. trips to the home improvement store, appliance and tile stores. The first bits of our belongings are being unpacked while the kitchen, dining and living room are under construction. I snapped these Instagram photos while taking a much needed break in beautiful Bidwell Park with the kiddos. It was so incredibly cold but they didn't seem to notice at all. Running and giggling while they played chase, went down the slide and went on the swings. That said I underestimated the cold weather when I packed the bags we would be living out of for these few weeks. Born and raised in Northern California I have no excuse as to why I only packed light jackets and mostly shorts. It is so cold! There is not enough I can say about having family close again either! I am so completely thankful for my family. Without them I'm not sure this remodel would have happened so smoothly or at all.
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  1. LOVE STELLA'S SWEATER!! So adorable! Oh my!!!
    And seriously, you have all my admiration for keeping so positive with moving and remodelling and busy busy busy. So do your kids, because, wow, so wonderful of them to keep happily busy while this is going on!



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