I loaded the little ones in the car before the sun came up. Bikes strapped on and enough diapers to last a week, I kissed my sweet Mr. goodbye. I needed home and my sweet babes needed there GiGi, PopBee, cousins and lots and lots of open space. Our days were filled with celebrations and discoveries with snuggles and loved ones. Impromptu gatherings, swimming, deer in velvet, incredible heat and picking grapes from the vine. We watched birds in the trees, ate ice cream and shooed away flies. JQ would wake early, dressing and walking up to the main house to get some 1 on 1 with his GiGi, (who I'm sure was there waiting for him). Stella fell in love with swimming in the pool and would stay in long after her teeth would start to chatter.
Today we have made the trek back south. Settling in to another set of familiar routines. There is much to be said about being surrounded by loved ones. People that know you and love you anyways. People that celebrate that love and connection on a whim again and again. This exists for us and for that I am grateful. There is also great comfort for me in earths wide open spaces, natures untampered beauty and glorious imperfections.
For now this sweet little family of mine will continue on the journey. Burying our feet in the sand we will warm our skin in the endless sun.
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  1. Couln't agree with you more on spending the time with those who "know and love you anyways." This earth has so much beauty to offer. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Sounds lovely. Really. And how fun does Gigi look! So much love comes out of these photos.



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