With over 400 photos on my phone I thought I would share a few from the last week. We are linking up with Life Rearranged, Insta-Friday.
As always there are some photos from the beach. Padaro Beach in Carpinteria is quickly becoming a favorite although it does get busy by late afternoon. The surf is small and the water seems a touch warmer here. Very inviting for JQ and Stella! We are actually looking at homes there. The community is small with local businesses prominent. An environment I could see raising the kids...
We drove into the city for a quick visit with Mr's familia and to stop by his Dad's Cabinetry shop. Dinner at Arry's has become a tradition if Mr. gets to choose where we eat. It's just a quick burger and fries place but they have great old school quarter machines right in front with trinkets and toys for the kids. I actually look forward to getting out a quarter for them and watching how they get all excited over a bouncy ball or little ring.
Lastly some flowers from nuestro jardin. My sunflowers are all in bloom right now which I love. It reminds me of late summer.

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