Doing Business-A Potty Training Journey

We introduced the potty to my son, Joaquin a year and a half ago. They had an on again off again friendship for quite some time. With a few intermissions things are slowly nearing a manageable commitment level. Never did I expect to potty train my sweet babes and that to be that because there will be accidents and near misses and even the occasional (very occasional I hope) blow out. I did my fair share of reading about potty training, as is my nature to do so, before delving in such sensitive areas. Eventually I wised up a bit and simply started asking around to other mama's as well as my own and still here we are trying to work through it with a sense of humor.
Between mis dos angelitos the amount of "P" and "P" that still does not make it into the designated receptacles frightens me. My eyes fly open as I lay in bed at night with images of my sweet Stella handing me her newly deposited "P", innocence and accomplishment on her face. The wet spot on the living room floor or directly in front of the porcelain potty have me cleaning, steam vac-ing and disinfecting at perhaps a manic level. I an often asking my Mr. if he too smelled something funny as we cozy in to attempt a movie night at home. Yes! Some things are yucky and stinky but even with all of that I insist on NOT having my children feel shameful if they have an accident and to not be embarrassed by there bodies.
My 3 1/2 year old son can often not be bothered when playing outside to find an actual bathroom. He much prefers to water the tire, the lawn or anything else that might be in need of "watering". He does however know that if possible he needs to make it to the WC and more and more often he does. We are working it out and I am okay with that. JQ knows that sometimes it helps to make funny faces while going "P" and that I will patiently sit with him making faces back and forth until he is done. Even this can be fun my friends!
While Stella is just two, she is at least intrigued by the potty. Stella will remove her diaper in order to take care of business but alas the business will not make it to where it is supposed to go. Oh the joys you see are always surprising and never dull! We picked up some cute little chonies for her but are working through the kinks. No pressure and no shame. We will get there.
JQ still wears diapers at night I can't very well potty train him while he is asleep but we do limit his liquids just before bed, have him go before putting a night time diaper on and often he wakes with a nearly dry nappy in the morning, often.
I am very open to hearing advice and pointers and have in no way mastered the ins and outs of potty training toddlers. Aside from night time the kid is potty trained. Or at least he knows where, how and when to do his business. Whether or not he chooses to do it there or not is something different entirely. Stella is eager to please which will work in my favor with potty training but may keep me up at night later on. We will see.
I am linking up to Expatria Baby for her series on Project Parenting. Always with a sense of humor Erica is an inspiration!

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  1. My business is complete and I couldn't be more relieved..although who am I kidding? Just today I got a call from the school that my 1st grader got in a puddle of water (that was his excuse) but we all knew what the real cause was....

  2. Man, T, your kids are lucky to have you and all your patience and love. It took me a lot of frustration and a LOT of mopping before I realized that accidents happen, puddles do not indicate defiance or bad behaviour. And there are worse things than a scatological mess on the balcony floor. For me, the moment I lifted the pressure and made the potty no big deal, my Stella potty trained like that. Snap.
    I was like, you know what, we'll go out, and if she pees in her pants, she pees in her pants. Whatever. And then, that very day, she went three hours without a peep and when I asked her if she needed to go, she said yes and TA DA!! Diapers done. We still had (have!) the occasional miss but that's life, right? I miss my mark occasionally (tough not usually with regard to the toilet. I'm pretty good with that). Thanks for linking up!! And like I totally admire your parenting style.



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