Another Friday and the beginning of another month. Am I the only one completely blown away that the year is nearly half gone already?! We have been in Southern California SIX months. My baby will be two years old in two months and time seems to be getting away from me. I am living life, intentionally, presently everyday. Not putting too much thought into the future although with little ones I can't help but go there sometimes. My love for the InstaFriday tradition continues. I am always so thankful to have images from our week and utterly amazed by all that we have done. This week we took a mini holiday, celebrated Mr.'s birthday, played with family, took a picnic lunch to Mr. and went to a Dodger game (and NOT in that order!). The sun came out so we painted outside, ran at the neighborhood park and made a new friend. My favorite photo from the week is of JQ, throwing his head back and running full force at the park. Happy boy!! Today we are laying low, both babes have a cold of sorts and we need a touch of recuperation. Cheers to a speedy recovery and too a lovely weekend!
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  1. aw, she'll be 2??? bittersweet, right? my baby girl just turned 3!



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