A month ago (give or take a month) we got the kiddos each a Doodle Pad/Etch-A-Sketch type thing. (Yes we are already buying two of everything!) We take the Etch-A-Doodles err whatever in the car and it occupies JQ & Stellita for a great amount of time. They LOVE them and therefore, I love them! Since getting these JQ has been drawing, freely. Before he would have me draw him things and would get quite upset if I didn't or when I asked him to try. Now, Joaquin has started to draw faces, characters, animals. A while back, before the move even, Mr. made a toddler sized chalkboard and I positioned it at Joaquin's height in the nursery. It is in there room still but has gone mostly unused. Unprompted, while playing on his own in his room JQ drew these two faces on the chalkboard. He called me in, so proud and happy. I am pretty stinkin' proud too little buddy. I think its time to pick up some more chalk!

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