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During our Costco run last night JQ very sweetly placed a gigantic box of Lucky Charms into the basket. We don't eat cereals like that, you know the sugary, colorful, fun kind. We are more of a Cherrios or Chex sort of bunch (Gluten free Corn Chex are my favorite!!) But last night I was tired and JQ was especially sweet, charming even.  Mr. and I locked eyes, smiled and jus1t kept walking, continuing with our shopping. Again when we were checking out Mr. and I looked at each other and then at the colorful box with the Leprechaun on it, and did nothing.
My niece Serena and the kiddos.
running from the water. A never ending game at the beach.

I am learning to pick my battles as a Mom. Food of course is one that I stay pretty true to so bringing home the giant box of Lucky Charms was not a high point for me, but one I am okay with for the moment. Are there some things you are unbending on? How do you decide when and where to put your foot down with your kiddos?
These pictures are from earlier in the week, my nieces last full day with us. JQ and Stellita love her so much it was heart wrenching to see her go.
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Stella Wore: Dress-Lilybird via Zulily
JQ Wore: Shirt and Shorts-Gifted from GiGi and PopBee
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  1. love her dress!! you just made me want to go to the beach :)
    i don't like buying cereals like that either but once in a blue moon i will if niko requests it. when we shop niko doesn't really ask for anything but he loves apple jacks & lucky charms because he eats them at his grandmas house. he knows i don't like them though.
    i have recently told myself to let some things go.. like chewing gum at his grandmas house. niko is almost 4 but to me candy is not necessary. & every time he visits grandma he eats so much candy. cookies, chips, gum.. punch. talking about it with my mil would be pointless & she would still give him whatever he wants. so im just happy he enjoys his time while he's there. i ate a lot of candy as a kid too & sugary cereals & i am fine. :)

  2. i agree, i too am learning how to pick my battles and save my strength for more important things than a box of cereal. way to go mama!

  3. Stella's dress is too cute for words! so much fun.

  4. We have an absolutely no soda rule. EVER. {Unless you have the flu - then some sips of 7-up are okay}. We don't allow it at parties, at grandparents' houses, or out to dinner - ever. My four kiddos call soda yucky water and as they have grown older have come to understand just how bad it is for their bodies and really respect our rule while understanding that others have different rules for their families.



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