This morning, like every morning, I woke to two sleeping babes in my bed. Stella's head resting on the edge of my own pillow and across the bed just the tip of Joaquin's head poking out from the white quilted cover. I slowly slide out of the warm sheets and put my feet on the floor. From the bathroom I can hear the faint sound of Mr. showering and readying himself for work. My heart feels full, the day holds possibility, I am happy. I have slept well despite Stella's twilight requests for lechita and her binkie. It is in the morning that I feel most inspired. The sun feels warmest on my face and the birds song sound sweetest. Over coffee the news of a friends baby being born brings me to joyful tears. My chest feels tight my heart swelling and I have the strong desire to be with new Mom and baby. To make sure they are okay, that they are bonding, skin to skin that baby is nursing and Mom is recovering well. Now that I have had my own children there births seemingly fresh in my mind there is great joy at the news of a pregnancy, delivery and yes, even labor.  I am and will be for the rest of my life, a mother. Maybe this is what drives my excitement of such news?

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