Over Too Soon

I woke yesterday morning in my own home after spending almost two weeks with my parents in Northern California. Always incredibly gracious they decked out the guest house for us to stay in and have our own private space. Going so far as to stock it with our favorite wines, toiletries and late night munchies, (Chamomile tea for Mr. and hot coco and HOMEMADE marsh mellows for the kiddos!) mom even made a little bed for my pug dogs, which by the way... THEY LOVED!
Joaquin and Stella ate sweets daily, stayed up past bedtime, played and visited with family. Stella discovered the doggy door and used it as often as she could get away with it. Like brother like sister I guess! Joaquin sang Jingle Bells over and over and over... And fell asleep at dinner TWICE.
We had meals with family and friends. Talking long after dinner had been eaten and the wine bottles empty. The time went by much quicker than I had expected. In fact time in general seems to be passing so quickly.
It was a lovely holiday and beginning of a new year for us and hopefully for all of you as well. Linking to What I Love Wednesdays
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