Middle Trail Tale

We are thoroughly enjoying our holiday in Northern California. The air is cold but still we have been venturing out for long walks. Little ones need to run, explore and sometimes "eat it" in the dirt.
 At least that's what this little man did before I could get a picture. Joaquin's style most often includes a dirty knee (or two) so this is seriously a real style post!
He loves Middle Trail in Upper Bidwell Park. Do any of you know it? It is fairly flat and takes you along side a small lake. I have come to realize, aside from the occasional slide, Joaquin prefers a good walk and bit of adventure over a playground.

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Joaquin is Sporting:
Polo- Old Navy
Cords- Osh Kosh
Shoes- See Kai Run
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  1. Love the dirty knees! I don't know that trail (I had a weird phobia of upper park!)but my husband might. He used to hike upper park all the time. Looks so pretty!

  2. I adore Northern California. So beautiful! I am not sure I have ever seen a little boy that didn't have dirty knees :)

  3. you are so lucky to live where you live. i love california!
    lovely pictures.
    happy 2012!

  4. Love dirty knees! Your kidos look adorable!
    Happy 2012��������

  5. I wish I could make dirt look so stylish.

  6. What a handsome little man you have! Would love for you to link up to Trendy Tots at http://areal-lifehousewife.blogspot.com/2012/01/what-she-wore-wednesday-trendy-tots.html



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