A Movie, Snuggles & Cookies Too

Lately, Stella has been the only one napping in the afternoon. So, Joaquin and I are left together to snuggle, watch a movie and eat cookies with whipped cream, his sweet treat of choice. Today is no different. The cookies, the snuggled and the movie, we watched Astro Boy. As much as I would really, I mean really love to have an hour to myself I really cherish the alone time with my little man. He tells stories to me in his half understandable language, using his entire body when he talks. Hmmm. I wonder where he gets that? He still asks for skin to skin snuggles and has started singing along with his usual dancing. Right now his song of choice is Jingle Bells! Loving it and MUST get it on video. He will be three the end of next month, THREE! We are planning an afternoon train ride and visit to a local train museum. I am very much looking forward it. Now if you will excuse me I must get back to snuggling this cutie!
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