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I went in search of dirt and trees and quiet. We found it and saw only birds and lizards and a horse on the hill. Joaquin wanted to take the path and so we did. A view of the hills and coastal mountains greeted us at the top. We stayed for a long time. We went to the playground full of plastic slides and swings and children everywhere. Moms busy none of them greeting us. Two Children fussing over the same shovel in the sandbox and Joaquin wants to leave and we do. I ask around for a children's boutique with handmade items and wooden toys. "you'll have to go to LA for that" I'm told. Really? There is an outlet mall that people drive an hour to shop at right down the road. They have set up extra traffic signs and cones and I don't go. The health food store is old and outdated and tucked in a strip mall. It is the only one and I am reminded that this is not my home.
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