Serious Stella

On Stella: cardigan, dress, sweater-Old Navy, shoes- Converse

Our house is nine miles from the ocean. Something I am very happy about. In those nine miles there is not much more than agricultural crops and country roads. This too I am very happy about. The last few mornings everything has been wet outside from thick fog that comes in from the ocean over night. Stella and Joaquin like exploring the wet outside before my morning coffee has fully kicked in. I can't argue. I was very much the same way growing up. So, I grab a sweater and sit and watch them usually still in my PJ's, hair uncombed, but happy. A sleepy sort of happy.
That said, I think we can all appreciate how cute our little ones look in the morning. Hair uncombed, puffy faces, hair flat on one side. Little miss looks a bit sleepy and serious in these photos, but still cute as ever I think! Poking around in a corner of the yard.
After a two week hiatus we are back at Small Style with Mama Loves Papa. I was beginning to have major withdrawals!

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  1. sounds wonderful. you just made me miss those same mornings of early dew, wet pajamas and uncombed hair.

  2. I love those mornings too. Slowing down to savour the day rather than rushing out is a wonderful way to spend the morning.

  3. I'm late catching up on my fave small stylers... glad to hear that you guys are settling in to life in your new home. You guys must have had a pretty hectic several weeks, and so relish those slow mornings of uncombed hair!



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