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This past weekend was my birthday which usually kicks of a two month long love affair with the mail. Beginning a week or so before Thanksgiving it begins with hand written notes and packages from my family and friends with birthday wishes and sweet sentiments. One card from my Gram this year made me tear up. Love you Gram! There is something to be said for a good handwritten note and seeing a loved ones own handwritting... Soon Christmas and holiday cards (and packages!!) will start trickling in. I am especially eager to see all the family photo cards each year. This week I received all sorts of goodies some for me and some for the kiddos. It was a good mail week! One package had a sweet surprise which Miss Stella is wearing. Thispink and white elephant shirt from Colorland & Friends Shop! I guess I am still just a kid when it comes to getting mail even if its not for me. I am also still the first one up on Christmas morning, what can I say?!
On Stella:
shirt, Colorland. ruffle bloomer, Rae Gun on Etsy. sweater tights, Old Navy. rain boots, thrifted
This year I decided to do something just a bit different for my own holiday cards. Instead of a family photo card I had a personalized family portrait created! Seriously I could not be more excited about them. The box from Dear Ida Cards came in the mail yesterday and I can hardly wait to send them out. Do you all still send out holiday cards via post? What type of greeting do you typically send?
Today is Thanksgiving and Mr. and I are hosting at our new place with some of his family. There are a bunch of cousins headed over for Stellita and JQ to play with and a hole lot of good times too.
We are linking up with Morgan for Small Style because damn nothing can brighten my day like a bunch of cute little ones!!
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!
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  1. Happy birthday to you!
    I love those ruffled bloomers - they are gorgeous!

  2. Happy birthday to you! And happy thanksgiving too!

    Stella looks so cute on that shirt jeje, so glad that she liked it!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! The elephant top is the cutest!!!



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