Feeling Settled

Two weeks and I feel settled. Of course we are still feeling out the area, locating a playgroup and hopefully some Mommy friends. Things to do on rainy days, a new nap time routine and places to get great take out but it is starting to feel like home for sure. We have had house guests made nice with the neighbors and I have finished decorating the house (for now). I have to admit decorating the house was one of the very first things I thought of doing when we decided on the move. I dreamt of a new dining set and perhaps some art for our bedroom, none of which happened but I think things have come together alright. What is it about decorating/styling ones home that is so fun anyway? So fun!
Here is a peak at our master bedroom, bed partially made and babies everywhere, per usual.
On an other note. We JUST got Internet set up on my laptop last night. It has been really complicated with the service here for some reason. That said I will eagerly be back on the Small Style wagon next week! Yeeehaw!

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  1. Looking good! Happy to know you are getting settled!

  2. making a home takes time but yes, decorating is my favorite thing to do also.

  3. Nice to read that you feel at home at your new place, the best part for sure it's decorating every single room, wish you so much fun on it!



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