This place is beginning to feel a bit like home! We are enjoying our first house guests this weekend "Popbee" and "Gigi" (aka my parents!) discovering new favorites to eat, shop, play and be seen at, as well as reconnecting with great friends. We are looking at this as an adventure, an experience, an opportunity. Tomorrow we will check out the farmers market just up the road and perhaps the beach if Mother Nature holds off on more rain, maybe even a date night for Mr. and I! Things are coming together and the kiddos seem to be adjusting well. JQ has had a couple of rough days but I am doing my best to make him feel safe and comfortable in his new surroundings (more on that later). With the holidays fast approaching I must remember Home is where we are, all together. Eating, laughing, playing. Linking up with Unknown Mami!
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  1. Happy to hear you are all adjusting well!

  2. I love stacking rocks. Looks like you have a beach where that's a fun thing to do :)

  3. oh my girls can spend hours there!
    tnx for sharing!

    CJR @ TMB

  4. Great pictures.

    I'm not sure where you moved from but So. Cal. is a great place to live. I used to live not too far from where you guys are in Port Hueneme which is absolutely beautiful. We would take HWY 1 down to San Diego, lot's of amazing views.

    visiting from SIMC

  5. Ventura county is beautiful! We just came back from visiting family in Oxnard and Santa Barbara. Beautiful pics :)

  6. I love these pictures and I love your attitude.



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