Arena Entre Los Dedos

Home again after another ocean trip.
The sun, sand and cool breeze, even the foggy mornings will be cherished until next time. Even the half pound of sand in my car is fine doesnt bother me (yet). Makes the beach seem closer in a way. Like we just left it an hour ago.

The little ones played and ran and laughed. Stella ate her body weight in sand and Joaquin ran from every wave that chased him. We discovered un vecindad con una carneceria y panaderia. We ate sweet breads and chicken teriyaki at a little beach grill. We stayed in my Brother in Laws home near Pleasure Point. It was a lovely time.
It is hard to believe it has been more than five years since Mr. and I moved from our sweet little beach community. Making the move back has been talked about a great deal lately. The babies aren't infants anymore. Although I have never left them with anyone other than family and never overnight. (Over protective much?) Mr. is feeling much better so... Why not be where we love?
Well. Didn't I just write about how much we love where we live now?
I mean, people move here from all over the state to settle and raise families. That is, after all, why we moved back here. To start a family. To be near our support system while the kiddos where small. 
So what would you do?
If you could live in a place that you love, that you wouldn't mind raising kiddos in but was many hundreds of miles away from your family and support system, would you do it?
Would you seek a bit more sun and leave a perfectly good spot in the shade knowing you could get burned?  I really don't know.
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  1. WOW...this blog of yours is a gem. I've found we have so many things in common. I struggle with your question pretty much every day when I think of "home" but in reality it's not anymore. As a mother my home is now the place that's seeing my children grow up. I will be coming back to visit for sure! :)

  2. YES! I totally get this post. I'm living a country, a continent, an ocean away from my friends and family, and although I am not totally in love with this particular place, I am in love with the idea of seeing so much of our world. And with giving my child the chance to experience a third and fourth language.
    I love wondering what's next, where we will move to, what our new apartment will be like...etc. etc etc. (Can you tell that I'm getting antsy for the next move??? Two years came and went and now it's time to start thinking of the next posting!)

  3. I would totally RUN with the first opportunity given to live somewhere warm all year long. Unfortunately, our husband's job holds us here.

    PS. We are Instagram buddies ( iVida). I was like, who is this girl?? LOL nice to see you have a blog. :)

  4. Pues te digo:
    I found you (or re-found you...i think) through FTLOB.... and i must say: ¡Me encanta! I need peeking into a bit of your world every morning to feel my mexican inspired photos and my attachment to my "latin-ness" can be considered normal....
    Why don´t you flu yourself over to Mexico... I´ll buy you a coffee (or a cafe de olla).

    Thanks for meking me smile!



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