Stella's Coastal Style

Sweet Stella really started walking while we were away at the Coast. There was a large meadow, vast amounts of flat sand (aka a beach, duh!) and a big house to stretch her legs. Oh and plenty of cousins to chase after and chase after her!
The boys would run past me and a moment or two later here would come Miss Stella often holding a shoe or book or cracker or something. Chatting or giggling all the time.
She likes to hold my finger when she walks and will out of the blue walk up to me wanting a cuddle which I adore. Her walking (and being officially weened) is a touch sad for me.
She is no longer an infant. How did you all decide when to ween your babies? What made you realize your baby..was a toddler?
In the mid 90's at home it was nice to dress her in some cozy items as the weather was just the right amount of brisk and rather refreshing on the coast. I am not one to complain about the warmer weather though a quick getaway to a cooler climate is always nice, don't you think?
On Stella:
Denim Dress & Onesie- Old Navy
Sweater Tights- Gap
Minnetonka Moccasins- Thrifted
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  1. I was lucky enough to have Lily wean herself off at almost 13 months. :)

    love the banner Jess made for you!

  2. You have such a cute blog! Stella is adorable, so is her little denim dress! My son loves holding my finger right before he falls asleep.

  3. I love her mocs! Looks beautiful there!


  4. adorable! i love the mocs!!! what a great find :)

  5. Babies in minnetonkas are my FAVORITE! I have a red pair for my little one to wear this fall (also thrifted!).

  6. love love love....her minnetonkas are sooo cute, and thrifted? AWESOME!!!

  7. That mocs are soooo cute, love her outfit!
    Stella looks adorable!
    Have a nice day!

  8. She is DARLING! I love her moccasins too. I had some like that when I was in High School and I wore them all.the.time.

  9. Yea for walking Stella! My Stella is still working on it...a couple of steps here and there, but she's not wondering off on her own. From the sounds of it, I guess she just needs a beautiful of cousins to chase around to get her going!
    Looks like a great trip. Love the cooler fashions on Stella. Sweater leggings = yum.

  10. ooooh, love the steller Stella triptych. Fun pictures and memories for sure! I hear you on the bittersweet transition from babe to toddler - why we're having another one! hehe ;o)

  11. Oh, look at your sweet girl! She is absolutely adorable and I love her little outfit!

    I'm still in denial about Finley getting older. Boo!



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