A peek into our week via my iPhone photos.
I snapped a few photos of the beach and train depot near the end of our stay on the coast. There is a certain style or feel to things on the north coast that is very calming and introspective for me.
There is J.Q. in front of a mural on our lunch date yesterday downtown. I really must spend more one-on-one time with that little guy!
 And lastly Miss Stella and I just before we headed out to celebrate her Gigi's birthday(aka my Mom)!
I usually have a bunch more but life happened so...
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  1. i love the bright pictures. love the wall, thats so pretty and cool.

  2. Love your colorful pictures! That train and that mural are gorgeous!
    Happy friday!

  3. I love the colors in these photos!

  4. Great photos! Love the colors. The one of you and your little one is great. You look stunning :)

  5. These are awesome Instagram shots, I would love to check this place out!



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