Less Practical More Often

Stella eats all day.
I am not exaggerating.
 I feel like I am making food for her constantly. The girl can eat, although you wouldn't know it if you saw her, she is just a peanut! She eats more than her big brother although I have heard 2 1/2-3 year olds can be picky eaters.The pugs, seen below, love the fact that she is always carrying (and dropping food). They follow her around and get a little something every now and then.  Stella doesn't seem to mind the attention either.
Don't mind the shadow on half her face. Lets pretend you never saw it. mmmkay!

I broke out the "real" camera today.
Confession: Almost all of my photos on this blog are taken with my iphone.
Not for lack of wanting to use a regular camera. It is just much more practical for me at the moment, my phone that is.
...I really must be less practical more often!
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On Stella:
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  1. SWEET! Hope you will come visit and follow me too :) Shauna from http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

  2. Such great pictures. I love her little outfit. My daughter eats all day long too. She isn't really down for eating much of her breakfast but after 11 am it's game on.

  3. Love the pants! Adorable!

    When I visit my parents, Stella has two new best friends...the dogs who also follow her around all day and park themselves right next to her high chair during meal times. Here in Japan, I miss the dogs. Hello free floor cleaning! The cats just don't cut it on the clean up front!



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