Finding Our Groove Again

We are back from the coast today and attempting to find our groove. The babies both seem just as happy to be home as they were to be at the beach and with family.
Stella was fearless with the ocean, walking straight down to the water and screeching with delight with each wave that crashed just feet from her. 
Joaquin is a sand lover. Laying his body down in the warm dry sand, letting it fall between his fingers and form a pillow for his head. Él estaba hablando en voz baja a lo
It was nice to be away. To be near the ocean.
I "wore" Stella in the carrier to and from the beach and on walks. Our Sutemi pack seems to be growing on her and she is happy, singing and talking to me as long as we are moving. At just under 19 pounds my 5'2" frame will be able to wear her for a bit longer. The infant back I had previously does not even compare in comfort to this new one I found second had.
Joaquin heard a train whistle as soon as we pulled into the house driveway and would not stop looking for and asking to go see the train. So the ever indulgent parents that we are,..we took him to see the Skunk Train. We visited the gift shop, had lunch in the Depot and watched as the train pulled away the engineering blowing the whistle. It was the best, mostly because JQ was so happy. He even wanted to walk down the tracks to "go find the train" after it had left. Next time we will take him on the four our round trip ride into the forest.
Mr. and I both agree I was meant to live near the ocean.
Mi corazón está ahí, al lado del mar.

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