Where Oh Where

A peak at our week via iPhone photos.
Last night the radio in JQ's room spontaneously played a song, then stopped.
A few minutes later one of his toys that makes sounds, ...made a sound.
Think about that totally unrelated thought as you look at these photos.
A photo from last Sunday. "The Daddy" with JQ. How they typical get around these days.
There is a standing invitation with my family. Who ever is around on Wednesday evenings, meet at Burger Hut for dinner. We usually go and I get a salad and JQ is a wild man the entire time and doesn't eat well(cause he is too busy being wild). But, we go anyway and feed him later.
Stellita's hair is coming in curly and sometimes when she wakes up from her nap she looks like this...
I love it!
I found what I thought to be some kind of prehistoric insect in our backyard this week. It ended up just being the skeleton of a bug but still made for a pretty awesome photo.
If I want a picture of myself I have to take it. So, here I am, taking a picture of myself with Little Miss.
Today we went swimming and Stellita pulled out these bad boys. Damn, she is so much cooler than I am even with a mouth full of food!
It has been an emotional roller coaster this week. Incredible highs, seeing old friends and their babies...Also gut wrenching lows as Mr.'s abuelita still remains in the hospital.
Where oh where is the time going?
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Happy Friday!

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