Just A Blanket In The Grass


Something as simple as laying a blanket in the shade turned out to be a whole lot of fun.
The babies and I have been pretty darn busy during the week and I noticed it might have been wearing on JQ a bit which got me thinking... As much as I love to be busy, try new things and go places and travel I must keep in tuned with my little ones. Be prepared to change plans or cancel plans if one or both of them just isn't feeling it. With lots of little weekend getaways pulling at my heartstrings this summer I know we can have a lovely little summer right here in town and at home if needed.
Staycation anyone?


Stellita is taking three and four steps across the grass or on the patio. She is so very careful about each one of her little steps...so exciting that she will be walking soon.
Joaquin is talking, really talking and I have noticed he tries very hard to pronounce things or repeat things just as he has heard them. He says "foggy" and I say "frog?" and he repeats after me, "froggie".
So cute.

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