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I had intended to post these photos as part of InstaFriday put on by Life Rearranged, but alas the week got away from me once again and I really just haven't had the desire to "fire up" the computer too much.
 Thank goodness for my iPhone as it allows me to do almost everything on it.
(ENTER) iPhone photos. :)
Like some other bloggers and non-bloggers I know I put together a small summer to-do list. Things that spell out S.U.M.M.E.R. to me and that I want to take part in.
One of the things NOT on my list but we did experience is a cold, yuck. Joaquin and now Stellita have the "punies".
I am loving some local wine that we bought last year on The Farm Trail.
Our garden is really great this year. Even though it is a bit "free form" my Mr. still loves it which says a lot!! Aside from all the fruit we are getting I am loving the flowers. I try and plant perennials and have a soft spot for broad faced flowers.
Although my Mr. isn't playing this year, a first! we went out to the baseball field the other night. JQ totally loved hanging in the dugout and throwing the ball with his dad.
Well time to enjoy some homemade pizza and a movie to close out a lovely week and a super weekend.
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