Una Cosa Muy Sencilla

Late evening, Downtown Chico, Ca.
As Mr. and I toted the kiddos on our bikes through the neighborhoods near our home I noticed something I hadn't before. Seeping from kitchen windows in the late evening as we rode past the smell of dinner reached our noses. Familiar aromas like grilled chicken and curry, a spicy marinara perhaps and garlic something or other. And some unfamiliar but equally pleasing smells that almost had me knocking on doors to inquire. As we rode I imagined families, empty-nesters and a woman with say,... five cats all settling in and enjoying their tasty creations.
This evening as I type I am thinking of a meal I shared with my Mr. and his grandparents years ago. It was after I had completed some college courses in Guadalajara and Mr. and I were on a road trip. His Abuelita Matilde made us breakfast outside in her garden. An egg, tortilla and Atole. I watched her make the tortillas from masa and fry the egg on the outdoor grill with a dash of salt. She spoke to my Mr. as she prepared the food as she had probably done a million times before. Chatting with her own husband, children or grandchildren, pressing the masa flat and tossing the salt on the grill. For me, It is a memory I hold dear and think of often. It is one of my "happy thoughts" as simple as it may seem.
Last week Matilde was involved in an accident and has suffered devastating injuries. Much of Mr.'s familia is with her in Mexico hoping for the best. We too are hoping for the best so many miles away...
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  1. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful memory!

  2. There are many memories of Abuelita Matilde. Tiff, this one in particular is the one that plays over and over and over in my head, in my dreams and even when i least expect it. Sitting with her in the garden near the hot grill, showing me how to make tortillas, laughing every time i thought i would burn my fingers as a reached in to flip one of the tortillas.



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