Stella's "Small Style" Birthday

Stellita's birthday outfit turned out so cute. Her party theme was Watermelon so naturally she was decked out in that color scheme. It was 100 degrees and I was a bit worried but we stuck to the shade and if not in the shade we were in the pool so it all worked out. She was so cheerful and happy, full of smiles all day. I think she new it was her "Happy, Happy" as Joaquin calls it.
I am still sort of in disbelief that mi chiquita Stella is a year old. Maybe when she starts walking it will be more "real."

Things were a bit rushed in the morning before the party so I did not get pictures of the birthday girl in the yard as planned but I managed to sneak in a few in between swimming and cake. Which by the way in our family the little ones usually get to take a bite out of the cake after blowing out the candles. It usually ends up all over their face....For Miss Stella though she just stuck her foot in it (my fault actually) But she laughed and ate the frosting anyway which was adorable.

I love that you can see some of the little heads and hands of  her cousins looking on as she blew out the candle and licked frosting from her toes! So fun! And there you have it, Stella turned one and in style of course!!
We are linking with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style again.

The Birthday Girl Wore:
Shirt- lisagorno
Ruffle diaper cover- RaeGun
Shoes- Bobux
Hairclippie- bowsosweet

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  1. aw, she looks adorable! happy 1st! love the theme. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Stella! I love the watermelon theme and her cute outfit! And, you are gorgeous, my friend!

  3. what a sweetie pie!! love her name too!
    Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

  4. Happy birthday Stella! Oh my, baby birthdays make me cryyyyyyyyy! I totally get your disbelief at the passage of time and your baby being one. I find that my mental picture of Stella is constantly about three months behind reality. I still think that she's a little baby, but she's growing so fast!
    Stella looked adorable. The party sounds fab. Love the watermelon theme - there is no better food for 100 degree weather!
    Happy birthday to baby and mama!



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