Hammock Hankie

In the hammock or swimming in the pool are how the kiddos and I are spending our afternoons. Triple digit weather is not uncommon during summer and something I rather enjoy.
 The kiddos seem to be enjoying it too. Little Miss Stella is giving up her afternoon nap so I snapped some pictures of her in the hammock while JQ was snoozing. Even though i don't get alone time in the afternoon it is nice to just have one little one to chase after for an hour or two.
 She is already mimicking words and movements, playing with cars and dolls and giving open mouthed kisses! Her hair is finally coming in and it's curly which her GiGi is so excited about!  
We are linking up with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style 'cause baby girls super cute in her hanky skirt! Can't wait to see all the other little ones! 

On Stella:
Onesie: Old Navy (I cut the sleeves off to make a tank)
Vintage Handkerchief Skirt: Pop And Sparkle (We love the vintage hankie!!)
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  1. what a cutie! Lily also gave up her afternoon (and only nap) a while ago but we are big believers in quiet time so she spends at least 2 hours in her crib reading to her dolls. :)

  2. she is beautiful! i love laying around in hammocks on a summer day.

  3. Stella is beautiful! I love her outfit and love what you did with the onesie!

  4. oh the hankie is a brilliant idea!

    man, i sure do with i had a hammock, looks very comfy. :)

    skirt coming your way very soon!

  5. She is such a little dolly! And I adore baby girls - they are so lovely and sweet!

  6. The skirt is totally darling. I'm also a big fan of hot hot summertime heat, and glad to see you are doing it up right on the hammock.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. So happy to see the skirt on your darling little girl!



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