Missing...Have You Seen This Smiling Face?

About a week ago my sweet Stella went missing. YUP!
In her place appeared a fussy, refuse to eat anything, hold me or I'll cry instantly tears and all, face swatting look alike. (Quite remarkable look alike I might add!) But so not my sweet baby girl.
Who or what would do such a cruel thing as to thieve my sweet Stellita away from me?
Fortunately I was able to sneak a few photos of The Sweet Stella when teething wasn't around. Snif. Snif. It makes me really miss my snugly, good sleeper, wrinkle her nose smile,  happy baby girl. Hurry up and cut those teeth baby girl. Volver a mí pronto! Momma misses her happy baby girl.

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Stella wore:
Romper: gift from GiGi, Carters
Shoes: Robeez
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  1. Oh, poor thing. Teething is the worst! Have you tried an Amber necklace? It has worked wonders for my Ivy!!!

  2. Judging from those pictures, I would have no idea. She looks as happy as ever! :)

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that. I agree with you, I hope she cuts those teeth soon. Poor baby! (Although, the face swatting part kind of made me laugh. ha!)

  3. Oh I hope those teeth come in soon! I remember how hard that was for my kids. No fun! My nephew wore one of those amber necklaces for a long time and it really did seem to help him. We just used teething tablets although I'm still not sure if they did any good. They were both still pretty miserable during the process!

  4. I hope your sweet girl returns to her happy self soon.
    Love the romper - so sweet!

  5. I feel so sorry for you (and am not looking forward to going through it with our sweet, happy baby girl!) but seriously, you'd never know it based on those pictures. She is SO stinkin adorable!

  6. Ohhhh teeth, owie. I feel for you with the crying and the cranky pants and the up all night. If it's any consolation, at least she looks adorable!

    It's so cool to see that your Stella has found her own way of getting around. Mine also just discovered unconventional modes mobility; she favours bum-scooting. But I did find that it made her so much happier once she could go places on her own.



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