Playset Rennovation

After much discussion over renovating our master bathroom or re-landscaping and installing a play area in our backyard we have decided on the later. The W.C. can be done at anytime really (IE this winter). Where as Joaquin is ready to swing, climb and slide now! My niece and nephew have outgrown their redwood play set and so it has been dug up and is currently sitting in our front yard. (We aren't quite ready for it in the backyard and we need to round up some more manpower to get it back there!!)
The area which will become the playground has had the sod removed, sprinklers capped and boarder put in. Now it is time to level the ground and dig holes, cement the play set in, layout landscape cloth and spread decomposed granite. Joaquin loves the area IS dirt after all and what little boy doesn't like dirt! We plan to install a sandbox below the fort and two swings in addition to the slide. The area is quite large so a bench around the tree and who knows what else we will decide on. My only request was that construction is completed by the time baby girl arrives which could be anytime...
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