Naming Baby (Part 2)

With about three weeks to my Due Date "Mr." and I have come upon a resolution as far as naming baby girl. Resolution: I have made a list of three names, which includes one of my husbands picks and two of my own. When "Little Miss" is born my husband, Henry will pick a name that best suites her from that list. It was extremely hard for me to find names I really loved and then to narrow it down to just two. My husband has suggested three or four names throughout the pregnancy, with only one I was fond of. For now I am keeping the "chosen few" under wraps. But I will say that I like uncommon, traditional names. My husband on the other hand either likes a name or he doesn't, with reasons still a mystery to me. Some names that we considered but did not make the final list were:
Vivien, Nora, Genevieve, Emma, Audry, Leona, Brenna, Joyce, Celia, Ophelia among others.
The middle name will be Ann, like my own, expect if she is born on July 5th. In which case her middle name will be Anita, like my grandmother that was born on that date and died on the same day four years ago. These next few weeks will fly by no doubt and there is plenty to do. Checking off a name was a biggie and I am glad we have at least narrowed it down!
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