The Teething Terribles!

 Joaquin is getting all four molars. His pediatrician confirmed this at his appointment last week. He has gradually been showing signs of teething, runny nose, cranky etc. so I had suspected as much. I had heard several times that the worst part of teething for little ones can be the molars and for Joaquin it has proven true so far! 
In all honesty this has been a true test. He is fifteen months now and well into the terrible two's stage, getting all molars at the same time, my husband is still away until the end of this month AND I am seven months pregnant. We are taking each day as it comes and plenty of baby tylenol and frozen fruit! For the most part if we stay busy with play, cuddles and distraction the days seem to work out with minimal meltdowns. We should be through this tough patch in no time, RIGHT?  
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