N.Y.C. (day two)

On this, our second day in New York our ultimate goal was to make it to the Yankees game at 1pm. We are baseball fans and since being on the east coast had visited a few stadiums so we could not miss this one! So after stopping in a for a coffee and pastry we headed up 7th Ave to Midtown West Manhattan toward Time Square ( and in the direction of the Bronx & Yankee Stadium). Time Square and Rockefeller Center are conveniently both on the way to Central Park which was a must see for me. Being in Time Square was like being inside a video game (how I would imagine it to be anyway).

Sensory overload to the max! Everything is humungus, with lights, you name it. Signs and billboards are the size of buildings and most are three dimensional. The lobster on a restuarant sign for example was twice as tall as me!! Joaquin sat back and just stared as we walked past everything. Just next to Time Square are all the Broadway Theaters which I find fasinating. You could spend over a week just seeing all the amazing shows!! Next Time when we are kid free! So after a nice mid-morning walk we arrived at Central Park. What an amazing oasis in the city! I could have spent most of the day walking the paths and letting Joaquin play. This the one and only place I felt comfortable taking Joaquin out of his stroller and letting him stretch his legs, poor guy. We spent quite a while next to The Pond watching ducks and people passing by. Joaquin being his usual self said hello to everyone waving and smiling,...I love my baby boy.
So around noon we braved the subway again this time headed the opposite direction as before, to The Bronx. It was a much smoother thrip this time, one train ending at Yankee Stadium. We bought tickets, (that for the price in Calfornia we would have been sitting behind home plate) and headed to our seats with a very sleepy JQ! The stadium was packed and the crowd was energized. I am so glad we went. My husband loves baseball and I know this was something he was looking forward to very much. The Yankees won, of course and the air started to cool and the wind picked up so we jumped back on the subway and headed back to Manhattan. We ended up getting off the subway at Grand Central Station, another on my list, and walked the remaining few blocks thru The Upper East Side to our Manhattan and our hotel. We caught the Bolt at 6pm back to Baltimore and all three slept on the ride. What a whirlwind trip!! I am SO glad we did it and am so NOT going to do it again for a while. I do plan on going back to New York state to visit family and my Grandmothers birthplace. THAT however will have to wait for now...
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