Decorating The Nursery

While I was away my family painted the nursery. How sweet right!! So when I arrived home and saw the perfect shade of tarragon and avocado I was inspired to get decorating immediately. For the most part I moved my existing items around and hung paintings, wall stickers etc and added a bit of red for baby girl.  The nursery items we had like the crib bedding etc are all sort of gender nuetral (in a good way) so I am reusing them. The one item that the nursery is missing is a bed for Joaquin and this is why...
We are currently making the transition from cosleeping to sleeping independently.  I have been reading an amazing book called The No-Cry Sleep Solution For Toddlers and Preschoolers by Elizabeth Pantley. So at the moment Joaquin's crib mattress is next to mine in the master bedroom, baby steps people!!! I have ordered Joaquin a toddler bed which should arrive early next month and it will go in the nursery and so will he, I hope.
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  1. the room looks great tiffany!! it is a hard transition going from co-sleeping to them sleeping independently, but it is well worth the hard work...i promise!!!

  2. The nursery is darling! I cant wait to see it in person.



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