For Doggies

My sons new fasination is all things having to do with our two Pug dogs. I am thrilled that he loves them and is rather sweet to them too, it is just there are a few minor problems with his adoration. First it would be his use or attempted use of the doggie door (note picture above). He wants so badly to go in and out the doggie door as the Pugs do. This frightens me! My only solution for this is to slide the plastic cover over the opening, shutting it off from his use, and the dogs. Second minor problem is Joaquin's love of trying, tasting and EATING the dogs food. YUCK! He has managed to sneak a piece in and roll it around, grining at me all the while as I lunge toward him to pluck it out of his mouth. Good fun for him I am sure. No doubt he has swallowed a piece or two. I have moved the dogs food and water outside, which is a temporary fix while the weather is nice...but what to do! I have tried explaining to JQ that dog food is for doggies, NOT babies and that the doggie door is for doggies, NOT babies. He doesnt get it, or just  doesnt care. He is too young to understand. Everything is fun and games to him right now and I love it. It is just these minor bumps in the road that trip me up. Again we are off to Maryland at the end of the month and this issue,...wont be an issue for a while. For all will know what we are up too!!
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