Faucets & Flowers

It is so nice to feel the sun again. To celebrate Joaquin and I have been spending as much time as possible outside. He loves the yard and the freedom to walk about as he pleases. He has begun to use his imagination and play which is so amazing to watch. He chats away, pokes at things with sticks, investigates... I love it. He always manages to get pretty awfully dirty too which I am learning to deal with.
This day, an especially warm one, I had watered some new flowers and left the faucet on just enough so that our two pugs could get a drink of cold water. Joaquin discovered the "drip" at the faucet and enterained himself for quite some time with it. The water ran down his arm, soaked his shirt, splashed his legs, filled his shoes and cooled him off!
Most memories I have as a child are outside, in my parents backyard. It is truely precious the simplistic things that capture a childs attention and interest. I hope there are many, many more days like this one, where I can just sit and watch him, explore and learn through play. He is an amazing little man and he continues to fascinate me everyday.
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