Cabin "ing"

Recently some of my family and I spent a long weekend at Blue Lakes in the El Dorado National Forest. There is a rustic cabin and piece of property surrounded by the National Forest that is very sentimental to my family, specifically my father. Both my Grandparents ashes are there near Lower Blue Lake. It had been about twenty years since my last visit to Blue Lake and the first visit for my husband. We (my husband and I) are not campers. We don't fish or hunt and just recently road Quads for the first time. That said we have only been camping once together and that was mainly to take his brother, nine years his junior out for the experience. That experience I should say involved a bear and picking up pieces of our ice chest down the road the following morning. So you may understand why it had been so long since my visit to Blue Lake and all its rustic, primitive and very beautiful offerings. Joaquin may or may not be a camper but for now he will be a cabin"er." My husband and I stayed in the cabin and smiled thin smiles when the camp host, Suzie shared her photos from a night camera depicting a large bear, her two babies, a coyote, deer and a badger looking creature. She assured us that they were the "real wild ones" that spooked at the sound of humans voice or a light shining. Regardless I did not sleep even in the cabin with the door bloted. I layed awake trying to figure out how I was going to wait to go pee until the morning because the walk to the outhouse was way too far and dark and in the same direction as the night camera location. Of course the bear and her babies did come into camp and Suzie the camp host blew her horn and screamed at her...I heard it all, because again I was wide awake. In the morning Suzie decided this Momma bear must have been a transplant from the Tahoe area because she wasnt afraid at all! GREAT!!! Honestly I cannot say when the next time we go camping or cabin-ing will be at Blue Lake. It is truely a beautiful and secluded area and not touristy or commercialized at all. Heck there is not electricty or running water for twelve miles or more! So I figure I have eight or nine years before Joaquin wants to go camping somewhere other than the backyard. Until then the backyard on a warm summer night is as real a camping experience as any other( for me!)
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