Bouncing Baby Boy

My sweet bouncing baby boy skinned his nose a few days ago. He has been so happy and playful and bouncing all the while. I read that the bouncing is actually strenghtening his legs to crawl and walk which makes sense because he REALLY wants to move!! He stands straight up in his walker, not using the little seat hardly at all. I have been putting him in his play pen more and more because he is rolling and moving all over and a bit accident prone I fear. Of course I thought that his play pen was a safe enough spot to leave him for a moment or two. Afterall he is way too big for his bouncey chair and has been pulling himself up in his crib to peek over the side, chew on the side etc. Well I was wrong as ever. He started smushing his face in the side of his pen, smiling and sticking his tongue out onto the mesh. He then started bouncing while smushing his face onto the side and well....he took the skin right off the tip of his nose. What is funny too is that he never cried. So I went out and bought a rug for the livingroom floor for him to roll and eventually crawl around on for now, at least until the nose heals up a bit.
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