No Batteries Required

Ocassionally Joaquin will get a bit cranky in the afternoon. I say ocassionally because he has really been a dream to have and rarely gets fussy. But babies have bad days just like the rest of us. Even on his bad days or when he gets cranky he is fairly easy to cheer up. Of course he loves to be held and entertained by me but 20 pounds of squishy sweet baby can get heavy so I found an alternative that makes us both happy. In the afternoon I will spread out a blanket in the shade under the trees in our yard and lay Joaquin down looking up. INSTANTLY he quiets down and relaxes. He will talk ("coo") up at the leaves and branches. They must speak back to him because it will go on for quite a while the cooing then a pause, then more cooing. He will kick his legs and move his arms all the time looking up into the trees. This unplugged, battery free entertainment works better than any of the other gadgets we have purchased. What is just as great is that this allows me to be outside working in the yard and garden which I love. Now that the weather has cooled off a bit we are back to spending some of our day outside under the trees and in the garden. I am thankful for all the days Joaquin and I spend together, the good, bad and even just the plan old days.
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