It's a Fixer

My Grandfather has property near town where he keeps all sorts of treasures. Tractors, tools, school buses, exactly what most people would think of at the mention of treasure. Recently he offered to give my mother a camp trailer that he bought in the 1990's. A 1982 Layton camp trailer, "hardly used and in good condition," he said. So, after one of my sisters, my mother and I went to take a look at it we decided to pull it out from behind some other buried treasures and see if it was usable after all. Of course being the level headed women we are we began planning trips to the ocean and lake later this year and next. We began discussing new cushion covers and draperies on the car ride home from my Grandfathers. I began imagining Joaquin waking up in the camper at some of our favorite beaches, helping to fry abalone at the coast and curled up on the bunk bed with a stuffed toy and a book. So this past Sunday we took our brooms, cleaners and some of the more tool knowledgable members of the family out to work on "the fixer". Grandpa can make something from what looks like pertnear nothing so until we took a long hard look, no one was getting too excited. The 100+ heat did not hinder us at all. We spent most of the day checking hoses, scrubbing surfaces and cleaning out cupboards that had been home to a racoon or two during the winter. Joaquin as usual remained in the shade, clear of the deprise and out of the heat and was cheerful as can be. To keep him cool my husband filled a bucket with water and dunked is lower half. Keeners loved it. I expect we will have many more weekends out at my grandfathers property as Joaquin gets older and many weekends in "the fixer" too! It is funny how the look of something can bring back memories, such as a camper door knob or window crank. I want to provide many opportunites for Joaquin to have those memories and those of my Grandfather and his treasures too.
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