What Wittle Stella Wore

She insists she is big enough to go to Preschool with brother. To wear lipstick and not hold hands on walks. She is not interested in being my sweet bebe anymore. Yesterday she was over the moon as she and I tagged along on one of JQ's school field trips. She told me very confidently, looking over her shoulder, that she was going to school and took off with the other kids. Off she went without hesitation. Sitting beside the other little ones wagging her legs back and forth under the bench. Partaking in activities and following instruction.Both mis bebes seem so eager to "be big kids" which I can vaguely remember wanting to do the same at one time. All I keep thinking is please don't hurry to grow up. Milk this baby thing for as long as you can little ones!!
We are linking up to What Kids Wore today. A fun little kiddo fashion link up hosted my One Little Momma. Stella Wore an OshKosh blouse, Calvin Klein leggings and Hunter boots. I have just discovered Wittlebee.com for kids clothes. A bit late to the game as always, perdon! What a fabulous idea though! Like many of the other monthly mail services like diapers and woman's clothing, makeup and even men's clothing now. This company takes the headache out of shopping for our little ones at the store where someone is sure to have a meltdown or take off down an aisle or two. I love this as a gift for new Mom or as a gift from Grandparents or anyone that has a tough time putting together outfits for their kids.

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  1. I came across your blog through WKWW link up. I love the Oshkosh blouse! Seriously wished they made tops like it in adult sizes! Ive never heard of wittlebee.com but now my interest is peaked, thanks!



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