I have a hard time getting ride of JQ and Stella's things. Like 'lita's high chair, baby dresses and booties and this rocking horse which was actually Joaquin's. I have trunks and boxes full of things that they will probably never need again. My things on the other hand, are easily given away or donated. Strangely I rarely get attached. No doubt there is some psycho babble explanation for this predicament.  'Predicament' only because we will be moving again soon and what, oh what, to do with all this stuff? .
I think this pony at least will be moving with us!

Stella wore:
Embroidered blouse-Gap
Bloomers- Made by GiGi
Turquoise necklace, headband -Gifted
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  1. Oh geeze. Moving again. I'm sorry (happy?!) I totally get it, having just moved and it's no picknick. When we were getting ready to move from Japan I was giving so much stuff away...i just wanted it gone. Out. Away. Not packed. It's really strange / sad how much stuff we accumulate that ends up unwanted. Maybe I'm a closet hippie / minimalist?



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