When I was pregnant and told we would be having a girl I began dreaming of a little one climbing trees and playing baby dolls and of long dark hair. My sisters, cousins and I all had long hair growing up. And although I don't remember being particularly fond of baby dolls I did have quite the hot wheels collection! My nieces both have long curly hair as does my Stella. She gets it from her GiGi, her Abuelo and great grandfathers etc. Its a bit unruly and charming just like my sweet girl. Now that it is long enough and she'll sit long enough, I've begun braiding it. Trenzas, mostly my own version of a French and traditional braid combined because it seems to hold best, err a few hours at least. 
                                         Late to the game but still joining Small Style today.
Dress made by my Mom
Bow by AdornMe Girl

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  1. I love that sweet girl! Her hair is SO gorgeous! I can't wait until I can do something like that with Finley's hair. Hers is still in the in between mullet stage. ha!



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