The Waiting Place

I've found myself in the waiting place. A place I try so hard not to go. Perhaps you've heard of it or found yourself there as well? For those of you unfamiliar, the waiting place is a funk of sorts. A place where hoping and dream take over and the today's just pass by, they come and go. This most miserable and useless place has me confused and intoxicated with the "what might be." I will find my way out, I always do. I hope there's an exit door coming up soon! Because the today's are beautiful and the now IS happening. I'll leave the dreaming for bedtime and the doing for now. It's just so darn hard to keep my feet facing forward and my head clear of the clouds.

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(This post is an obvious ode to Dr. Seuss. He does after all have a way of explaining things in the most useful ways!)
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  1. When I was a kid I thought Neverland existed and Santa Claus gets his yearly visits every Christmas. There were even days that I had day dreamed more than live for the moment.

    Though I am still a kid at heart and still dream of the impossible, I now live my dreams to make them for real. It's confusing, crazy even, but I believe that the best is yet to come.



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