Stylin' Silly

There are dishes in the sink and bags to be packed but i cant be bothered. It's too beautiful outside and these two are just too stinkin' silly not to enjoy. Plus I rarely get JQ and Stellita to sit next to one another, fully clothed, not crying or throwing something(you get the idea). In these photos they are dancing and laughing along as I sing "Do You Ears Hang Low." You know that song? Good to get silly with!!
JQ is pretty much potty trained and I am a little concerned our road trip and mini vacation might throw him off. Any pointers? Also I have absolutely no idea how to go about potty training at night time, as in when he is sleeping!?!! Seriously.
We will leave tonight for a week with my family. I am over excited for my babes to spend time with their GiGi, PopBee, cousins, aunts and uncle. We will swim, we will celebrate and I will reboot. There will undoubtedly be more change for this little family in the near future. Some planned and some unexpected. Some I will document here and some I wont. Silly mornings with silly songs is where its at for now. And I think that's pretty suhweet!
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Shirt-$4 at Target!
Boots-Western Chief

On Stellita
Boots-hand me downs from big bro
Hair Clip-c/o Colorland

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  1. they are soooooo cute!
    my advice to on the road potty training is to bring a potty with special liners for the potty. that's how one of my mommy friends rolls.

    Lily refuses to be trained so i know nothing else.
    have a great time!!!

  2. We have a little potty that takes ziploc bags and we just stop and use that if we aren't near a bathroom. As for night will just happen! I always made sure that G went potty right before bed and then after awhile his pull ups were dry through the night and we moved on to no pull-ups. Enjoy your family time! I can't wait to hear about your new changes!!!

  3. I'm loving those boots!
    As for the potty training I have always popped a disposable change mat on their carseat for road trips when they are just freshly trained. There is nothing worse than a wet seat with hours of driving still ahead.



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