Today we tried something new. The babes and I went to The Lakes (a shopping center & park) to watch and listen to a live performance for kids. (I wonder how much longer I can get away with calling them babes?!) Getting there just a bit early I wanted JQ and Stellita to stretch there legs on the playground before trying to coerce them into joining the quietly seated, patiently waiting other kiddos. Reassuring was it to see other Mums arriving packing more than one offspring. Quickly tossed up hair, tired eye covering sunnies and yoga pants. Some Mommies arrived together, (always a smart choice when available!) to go coffees, quilted blankets and  snacks. It was a good turn out for a somewhat cool morning. I chatted playground small talk with another Mum and then the music started.
While Joaquin was intrigued he refused to sit down and Stella just kept riding the brightly colored dolphin toy thingy that rocks back and forth. The play area quickly emptied aside from Stella and one other kiddo. Suddenly, just when I thought Joaquin was going to oblige with sitting and watching the loudly dressed woman singing and bobbing her head, he asked to go see the Koi and ducks in the lake. Clearly JQ is mine. Asking him and Stellita one last time if they would like to watch the show they bounced off toward the water, smiling and giggling. I think we will go again to The Lakes next week for the kids club activity. I was not dissappointed in the slightest. I like to give the little ones choices and then watch what they do. Mr. met us shortly after with lunch and more playtime. It was a lovely day really.

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Joaquin wore:
Shirt- Cherokee
Shorts- GreenDog
Shoes and socks- Puma

Stella Wore:
jacket and tights- Old Navy
Dress- Made by her GiGi
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