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Sometimes I must admit, it is a whole lot of fun. This having a little girl thing. Pink, tutu's, bows you name it. It is all happening today. The sass and sweetness is happening too. She giggles and wrinkles her nose. She screams (oh geez can she scream) she swings her booty to the music and holds the hem of her skirt. She has the cutest kissy face and the smallest little voice. She says baby, nummie, bye and everybody is Mummy,....everybody! Even complete strangers which can be a little awkward and totally sweet at the same time.

There is a little extra pink this week as we are gearing up for St. Valentines Day! Both the Little's got special outfits and an especially sweet care package from their GiGi and PopBee this week. While I would like think that as a family everyday is LOVE day in our house. It doesn't hurt to have a little reminder on the calender!
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Enitre Outfit from GiGi & PopBee!

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  1. too cute. girls sure are fun, right?

  2. love the expression in the second shot! so sweet and innocent.

  3. love her outfit! skirts like that are so fun for little girls :)

    she's so adorable!!

  4. Oh the screams, my baby does it too! Love blue and pink together, what a cute dress! Thanks for linking up :)



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