Meeting my Mr. for lunch once a week has become part of our routine. So far we have taken a picnic lunch and met only at an outdoor mall of sorts. There is a park and a large grassy area amongst the shops and restaurants not to mention it is just up the street from his office. It works. Stella has started greeting her Dad with a little scream, big smile and arms open wide on these lunch dates. She fumbles in her hippity, hoppity, still a bit unsteady, walk towards him until he scoops her up. So sweet. The kiddos do more playing than eating and sometimes fall asleep on the ride home but I am not complaining. I look forward to the break in our week. Our social calender is open, to say the least, hah!!
On Sweet Stella:
Tunic-Misha Lulu via Color Land & Friends
Tights-Old Navy
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  1. sounds like a lovely routine and she looks adorable as always

  2. We were doing a mid-week lunch date with stela's papi, but we've sort of gotten out of the habit. Must restart it though; steal loved seeing her papi and like you said, it's a great break in the routine.

  3. that's a lovely routine (lovely days!)
    Stella looks adorable in that tunic!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. That is such a great idea! Sounds perfect!



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