Just up the block there is a neighborhood park called Carmenita. It is small like its name might imply but it makes for a nice, no fuss outing for us midday, midmorning, anytime really. With the warm weather I am taking every opportunity to take this short walk with the kiddos. Twice yesterday and once today, far.
Taking these two out anywhere but the park has proved ...difficult to say the least. Not sure whats going on with that but I feel like we really need to get out so... Yeah. Carmenita has been perfect for us. Joaquin decided to bring some friends along this time and I can not blame him. The more the merrier! He was insistent on "Froggie" and "Yeehaw" riding in the backpack. Guess this is his form of baby wearing, right! Such a lover this little guy. Dutifully checking on baby sister too.
We are linking up to Mama Loves Papa for Small Style.
On Stellita:
Dress, hat- Old Navy
Lace Leggings-Junipers Way via Etsy
Shoes- Bobux
On JQ:
shirt, shorts- I can't remember, Osh Kosh or Cherokee
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  1. having a good park close by is key! sounds like you found the perfect outting on a sunny day.

  2. oh, don't you love having a park up the street? we have one too. it's so nice, but like you, the boys want to ride their bikes....which means mom usually carries two bikes on the way home ;)

  3. Yes...daily outings are essential. And I'm also so thankful for having a park close by.
    How's is settling into your new place going? Moving is always so stressful, such an big adjustment. I hope it's going smoothly for you guys.

  4. they are so cute! love Stellita's outfit and it's so great that you have Carmenita near by.



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